Warwick Road Primary School

Exceeding Expectations


House Championship

The house championship system at Warwick Road school enables the children to be part of a small community. It allows all the children across the year groups to work together as a team to win the house championship, creating a sense of unity and inclusion.

Each house contains a mixture of children from Reception to Year 6. Once the children start Reception, they are randomly selected and allocated to one of the four houses.

Each of the houses represent traits we hope to instil within our children.



Discovery is the act or process of discovering, becoming aware, of something which was not known before.

Every child should have a passion within them to discover and learn something new every day.

An endeavour is an attempt to do something, especially something new or original. When you endeavour to do something, you try very hard to do it.

We want every child at Warwick Road Primary to use their ‘growth mindset’ and endeavour to do their best.

 Enterprise. A readiness to engage in a daring or difficult situation.

At Warwick Road Primary, every child is expected to show great enterprise when undertaking any challenging tasks.

 Intrepid. Resolutely courageous.

Our children are taught to be intrepid learners. They are not afraid to learn or make mistakes.


Stickers are collected by children throughout the week for using one of the ‘secrets of success’, ‘exceeding expectations’ and for ‘outstanding’ behaviour. The stickers are given by any member of staff across school. This is placed on the bookmark given to every child in the school. For every completed bookmark, a point is rewarded to the relevant house and a prize is given to the child.

Children can also earn points for their house during lesson times. This may be awarded for hard work, good behaviour and for displaying good learning characteristics. 

Every half term an activity is planned for the children to take part in. The activities set are designed to develop children’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural skills. Winners are awarded house points for their house.



The table below shows a provisional overview of the activities planned for this year.