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I l enjoy PE because it teaches me how to stay fit and healthy. I love PE because I can learn new skills using different parts of my body. I am very passionate towards PE. I think it is smashing. It is very entertaining and engaging and brings joy to all pupils. Children use PE to express themselves through different movements and activities. 


At Warwick Road, we aim to inspire an active generation.  We strive to give children the tools and understanding required to make a positive impact in their own physical and mental health. We want all children to experience a variety of sports and physical skills, which will lead to life-long positive health and fitness choices.

PE is taught to challenge and promote confidence, self-esteem and social skills, which enables children to develop their ability to manage both success and failure in competitive, individual and team based physical activities. In addition to sport, the teaching of dance allows children to explore their personal and spiritual identity. 

The programme of learning is clear, sequential and structured. This has been carefully and coherently planned to meet the needs of all pupils at Warwick Road from when they join us right through to when our children leave us in Year 6.  Our PE lessons are planned using the Get Set 4 PE platform, which aligns with our core values, our whole child approach to PE and the objectives laid out in the National Curriculum.  Get Set 4 PE is planned progressively which ensures our children are increasingly challenged as they move up through the school. The PE subject leader works with teaching colleagues to create a broad and balanced curriculum that is exciting for our children to learn through, whilst providing links to other areas of the National Curriculum and assessment criteria for each unit.

At Warwick Road, PE lessons encourage children to compete against themselves and others whilst being challenged to improve their physical, social, emotional and thinking skills. These skills are embedded in the heart of our planning. Our objectives in the teaching of PE align with the National Curriculum in that we aim to ensure all pupils: develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities, are physically active for sustained periods of time, engage in competitive sports and activities, lead healthy, active lives. See action plan to discuss how planning has been adapted to our school and data findings.

What makes us a successful sportsperson?

  • I take care/respect PE equipment and school buildings/facilities
  • I try my best
  • I am kind to others
  • I am honest
  • I am engaged in and encourage competition within and across my community
  • I understand and accept the roles of captain, vice-captain, team players, coaches and volunteers.
  • I can problem solve on my own or with others
  • I can develop my social skills
  • I know and adhere to the rules and social etiquettes related to any type of competition
  • I respect individual differences and am confident to express their opinions and respect others’ views
  • I can make suitable judgements about my own and others’ performances
  • I know the values of the school and PE, and contribute to my development

How and what we learn at Warwick Road

 In EYFS, we plan in accordance to the new 2021 EYFS framework. Our lessons revolve around working on the basic yet vital skills of improving motor skills through agility, balance and co- ordination games. We also look at exploration of movement, including dance and gymnastics.

In Key Stage 1, we teach motor skill related fitness- agility, balance and co-ordination,  dance, gymnastics attacking and defending games, striking and fielding games and finally athletics. 

In Key Stage 2, we teach multi skills, exploration of movement, athletics, attacking and defending games, striking and fielding games and finally orienteering. Swimming and water safety is also taught in Year 4.

Each year group will learn PE in accordance with the long term planning. This will ensure continuity and progression through school in order to continue to improve standards in PE.

At Warwick Road, PE will be taught through;

  • Exposition (demonstration, explanation and instruction) by the teacher to the class, groups or individuals
  • Games for understanding
  • Practical activities
  • Co-operative group work
  • Consolidation and practice of fundamental skills
  • Opportunity to discuss and reflect on their work through a plenary
  • Use of professional/qualified coaching to enhance current provision within school
  • Extended high-quality provision via after school activities, making use of professional / qualified coaches
  • Use of community facilities – local swimming baths
  • Self-assessment


Subject LTP

Enhanced curriculum experiences  

Across all year groups, the children at Warwick Road take part in multiple sporting and physical activities which take place in and outside of school. These are mostly run by the North Kirklees Sports Partnership. Working with this partnerships results in:

  • more pupils engaging in, and experiencing, sport than could be done through the curriculum alone
  • the profile of PE and sport being raised throughout school
  • further engagement in in-school sporting activities and after-school clubs, particularly for girls and pupils with SEND.

 A few of these events include:

    • dodgeball
    • rounder’s
    • multi-skills festivals
    • cricket
    • mixed SEND sports event
    • mixed gender KS2 sports hall athletics
    • Girls only rounder’s
    • SEND sports
    • balance bikes
    • bike ability
    • intra-school football tournament mini-gym provision
    • dance mats
    • young leader training. 

Year 6

Year 6 pupil attend a summer term residential at an outdoor activity centre, participating in sports and activities we are unable to provide at school (archery, high ropes, etc). This provides greater opportunities for pupils to participate in outdoor adventure activities..

  • Pupils in Y6 to participate in a physical activity residential.
  • Children have the opportunity to learn skills, team work and develop confidence
  • Broadening the experience of a range of sports and activities offered to pupils.  


Knowledge organisers 

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Progression of Skills Maps/documents from EYFS - KS2

Parent support

As a school, we strive to promote the power of active living, both in and outside of school. Our pupils need physical education and a variety of opportunities to be physically active — and that’s where parents and families fit in.

Parents play a vital role in the health of their children and can strongly influence the choices they make — be it how they spend their free time or what they eat. 

We have collated a number of high quality activities for parents to participate in at home with their child.

  • Get Set 4 PE, Free family resources and lessons 


  • Chance to Shine, cricket lessons


  • Premier League Stars, football activites


  • Daily Mile, keeping active on a daily basis


  • Go Noodle- dance


Subject policy 

Miss O'Hara- PE lead

Mahmood Patel- Link governor