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When we have finished one book, it is so exciting trying to figure out what the next book is.      We get to read so many exciting books!       We read and learn new language and vocabulary, which we can then use in our own reading.     I love listening to my friends and to my teachers read.  I really enjoy our reading for pleasure slots and our class reader slots.   I love to read about people in other communities and learn their stories.   I just want to read more!   I love the tension that builds up in books and the anticipation for the next lesson!     Reading is fun!


At Warwick Road Primary, we recognise that reading is a multi-strategy approach to understanding the written word.  It is not simply the decoding of black marks on the page but involves the ability to read a wide range of texts with understanding.  Competence in reading is the key to independent learning.  It is for this reason that we are placing a heavy emphasis on reading within our school. 


In KS1, Twinkl Phonics is used as a core reading scheme for independent reading and  structured guided reading.  Once children progress beyond phonics, 'Guided Reading' is used as the core scheme for guided reading.  Guided reading operates throughout our school and is taught through a robust programme that provides everything a child needs to master fluency and deepen comprehension.  The scheme is used as an engaging and imaginative independent reading solution for the whole school.

What makes us successful readers?

  • We actively engage with the story and identify with the characters.
  • We visualise what is happening, follow the events of the story and anticipate what will happen next.
  • We explore the meaning of a story and connect it to our own life.  
  • We read with accuracy, fluency and efficacy  

How and what do we learn at Warwick Road?


During guided reading sessions, your child will answer questions based on the reading content domains appropriate to their key stage.   The content domain sets out the relevant elements from the national curriculum programme of study (2014).

For English at Key Stage 1, these are assessed in the English reading test. The tests will, over time, sample from each area of the content domain.  The Key Stage 1 English reading tests will focus on the comprehension elements of the national curriculum.

The Key Stage 2 English reading tests will focus on the comprehension elements of the national curriculum.

Subject LTP

During whole class guided reading sessions, pupils will study the following texts:

Enhanced curriculum experiences

At Warwick Road School, we have strong links with the local libraries.  Each year group will visiit the library at least once in the academic year.



 Progression of skills document

Subject policy

Parental support

Co-operation and support from parents is paramount if a child is to become a successful reader. 

In EYFS, we will send reading books home each week alongside an individual reading record.  We encourage parents and carers to leave comments in individual reading records, which will be monitored by staff and supported by classroom assistants. 

In KS1 and KS2, we will continue to assign reading books on 'Bug Club' and on 'Serial Mash'.  We encourage children to complete the comprehension activities which accompany each book.  Access to online reading resources will be monitored by class teachers.   On occasions, we may ask your child to complete a book review about the book they have read to ensure they have a good level of understanding for the book band they are working at. 

Reading should not be seen as just a 'school activity' but something that can be done anywhere.   Every child in school will be provided with log in details for all of our online platforms. 


Our new library area has been populated with new books and is now up and running.  Children have the opportunity to borrow books from the library on a weekly basis.

We would like to remind parents that a small section of our library contains books for parents. The library will be open to parents two days a week from 2:45 - 3:10. If parents would like to borrow books, please visit the office and leave your name and a £5.00 deposit (cost to replace torn, lost or damaged books).  You will then be provided with a library card.

Recommended reading - 100 best selling children's books

BookTrust is the UK’s largest children’s reading charity. They are dedicated to getting children reading. Each year they reach millions of children across the UK with books, resources and support to help develop a love of reading.  In 2021, a team of experts put together a list of the 100 best books for children from the last 100 years, broken down into four age bands.

Why don't you see how many you have read?



English leader: Mrs. L. Rayner

English governor: Fathima Bhamjee

Mrs Rayner is our English leader.  Please speak to Mrs Rayner if you would like to find out more about how we teach our English curriculum at Warwick Road Primary School.

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