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You're sitting in class and your stomach is starting to rumble. Finally, the bell rings and it's time for lunch - woo-hoo! After all that time in class, you deserve a chance to head to the hall and sit down, relax, and enjoy the company of your friends over a hot lunch…

Our school dinners cost £13.75  per week.  If your child books a school dinner on a Monday, they will have a school dinner for the full week.  Similarly, if your child chooses a packed lunch on a Monday, they will need to have a packed lunch for the full week.  If your child usually has a packed lunch, they still have the choice of sampling a school dinner every Friday.  ‘Fantastic Friday’ is a great way of trying a school dinner and experience lunchtime play. Fantastic Friday is priced at £2.75

Our school dinners are prepared and cooked on site daily by an experienced team of catering staff. There is a 3-week rotating menu. Each day there is a choice of a meat (Halal) and a non-meat dish served with a salad or vegetables, jacket potatoes, pasta and paninis.  Every day there is choice of either a hot or cold dessert.

To enable your child to receive the choice they require every day from the menu, we operate a "Banding System".  Each morning, all the children choose which meal they wish to have that day and are given a band depending on their choice. Our cook is then able to prepare the required number of each type of meal.  This ensures waste is kept to a minimum.

You will find the school dinner menu below.  If you have a younger child, you may wish to help them choose their dinner each day before they come to school, complete the dinner booking form and return to the class by Monday.


Is your child entitled to Free School Meals?   

Apply now, www.kirklees.gov.uk/schoolmeals OR call 01484 221000

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