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Pupil voice - 'I use my number bonds to help me with adding' - Maariyah A  'I like getting certificates for maths and helping other children with multiplying.' - Raiyaan K  'I really like using the column method and using resources to help me.' - Adam N  'We have fun in maths lessons and listen to each others' methods to get to an answer. We all help each other out.' - Aleena A  'I enjoy pushing myself to do the extensions in lessons. I enjoy working out percentages and converting between fractions, decimals and percentages.' - Ahmad I M


At Warwick Road, we are committed to providing our pupils with a curriculum that has been carefully and coherently planned to meet the needs of all our pupils from when they join us in Nursery right through to when our pupils leave us in Year 6. The knowledge-rich curriculum, provides pupils with conceptual understanding and skills that cumulatively build on what has been taught before and towards clearly defined, agreed success criteria. We follow the Power Maths Scheme of Learning from Year 1 through to Year 6, supplemented using materials from the White Rose maths scheme (these two schemes are purposefully linked by design). The Reception curriculum is based on following the ‘Development Matters’ expectations, though the principles and practises of the White Rose Scheme are consistently adopted. Pupils are given the opportunity and encouraged to also apply their mathematical knowledge to science and other subjects.

What makes us successful mathematicians? 

At Warwick Road, we are mathematicians. We have:

  • an understanding of the important concepts and an ability to make connections within mathematics.
  • a broad range of skills in using and applying mathematics.
  • fluent knowledge and recall of number facts and the number system.
  • the ability to show initiative in solving problems in a wide range of contexts, including the new or unusual.
  • the ability to think independently and to persevere when faced with challenges, showing a confidence of success.
  • the ability to embrace the value of learning from mistakes and false starts.
  • the ability to reason, generalise and make sense of solutions.
  • fluency in performing written and mental calculations and mathematical techniques.
  • a wide range of mathematical vocabulary.
  • a commitment to and passion for the subject.

How and what we learn at Warwick Road

Across Early Years Foundation Stage, children are given the opportunity to develop their understanding in number and shape, space and measure through formal teaching and short group activities. The children then apply newly learnt skills in the enhanced provision.

In Nursery, the children are taught in a class group where they are introduced to a new mathematical concept each week. The children are then given the chance to explore these skills during adult led activities within the provision.

 In Reception, children are placed in sets for mathematics, where it is appropriate to do so.

Across KS1 and KS2, children are placed in sets for mathematics, where it is appropriate to do so. Mathematics is taught daily in lessons, which have a structure and length appropriate to the age and stage of development of the children. Alongside the National Curriculum, the school uses the ‘Power Maths’ scheme; this is supplemented by the White Rose Maths scheme of work.  This scheme is annotated and adapted to meet the needs of learners. Long-term and Medium-Term plans are provided by the scheme but are tweaked to personalise learning. 

Short-term planning identifies a clear learning objective and ‘remember to’ statements are created with the children as part of the teaching and learning sequence. The ‘remember to’ statements demonstrate the steps needed to achieve the objective. The learning objective/remember to statements will enable the class teacher to follow a clear and systematic teaching sequence, whereby questioning and activities are differentiated. Problem solving is embedded throughout the scheme.

Children’s learning is pitched at age related expectations; however, where children are working significantly above or below the national requirements, teaching is adapted to meet the needs of learners.

Subject LTP

Enhanced curriculum experiences  

  • Maths assembly
  • World Maths Day

Progression of skills maps

EYFS progression map

Y1 - Y6 progression map

Subject policy


Maths leads - Mr Mayfield and Miss Patel

Mr Mayfield and Miss Patel are our maths leads, who you can speak to if you would like to find out more about how we teach our maths curriculum at Warwick Road Primary School.

Mr Mahmood Patel is our linked maths governor.