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  • The school always goes above and beyond and is committed to the excellent ethos which you feel upon entering the school grounds.
  • Our child is looked after well in Reception and close attention has been given to his development. Simple but important things such as encouragement to have his lunch, and to understand his likes and dislikes have been noted down. That is something remarkable and reassuring for us as parents as we know our child is in the best hands.
  • All efforts are made to ensure our children reach their targets.
  • My children (and us as parents) love this school very much and I'm sure my youngest child will love it, too. The teaching standards are high and the staff are great!
  • Very pleased with the lengths the head and all the teaching staff go through to give the children the best!
  • It is very satisfying and reassuring to know that we selected the right school for our son. We hope we’ll continue this excellent journey to shape the future of our child, and many other children who are part of this excellent school. Thank you!
  • Very happy with the school. Please share your school lunch recipes - my children love them. Thank you!
  • It's a great school with lovely teachers. I would recommend it to other parents.
  • High level of dedication and commitment through the years.
  • Always looking for new ways to support the wellbeing of children. Very encouraging and supportive.

Welcome to Warwick Road

Welcome to Warwick Road Primary School a place where we work very hard to ensure our children ‘Exceed Expectations’. Our children flourish under a team of committed staff who create learning opportunities which ensure all children achieve their full potential. Our aim is to develop the holistic child: empathy, compassion and respect are values which will enable our children to become responsive, active members of society. Warwick Road Primary School prides itself on the close partnerships it has with the community. We work in collaboration wit...

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