Warwick Road Primary School

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ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant)


An ELSA is a specialist teaching assistant with a wealth of experience of working with children. ELSAs are trained and regularly supervised by the Educational Psychologists in your Local education authority. An ELSA is a warm and caring person who wants to help your child feel happy in school and to reach their potential educationally. Their aim is to remove the barriers to learning and to have happy children in school and at home. Please do talk to the ELSA (Miss N Khan) in our school if you have any problems with your child.

ELSAs can help with:

-Loss and bereavement
-Social skills
-Friendship issues
-Anger management
-Relaxation techniques


How does ELSA work? 

Children are referred for ELSA support by their class teacher, senior leader or SENDCo. We then identify and prioritise which children require a weekly programme or if more appropriate put supported strategies in place within a class setting. ELSA programmes run for 6-12 weeks. With the programme set we then plan support sessions to facilitate the pupil in developing new skills and coping strategies that allow them to manage social and emotional demands more effectively. 

Supporting - not fixing

Remember, ELSAs are not there to fix children's problems. What they do is provide emotional support to those who need it. They aim to establish a warm, respectful relationship with a pupil and to provide a reflective space where children are able to share honestly their thoughts and feelings. 

For children with complex or long term needs it is unrealistic to expect ELSA intervention to resolve all of their difficulties, however support will be designed to target specific aspects of a child's need. Ms Khan may discuss referring a child with parents for further support.

If you are concerned about the mental health or wellbeing of your child please discuss your concerns initially with your child's class teacher.

If you have any queries please email Miss Khan on: ELSA.warwickroad@kirkleeseducation.uk