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Year One - Classes Mercury and Venus

Teacher welcome

Hello and welcome to year 1. Year 1 comprises of classes Mercury and Venus. Mercury is the smallest and innermost planet in the Solar System. Its orbital period around the Sun is the shortest of all the planets. Venus is the second planet from the Sun. It has the longest rotation period of any planet in the Solar System and rotates in the opposite direction to most other planets.

Adults working in Year 1 are:

  • Mr Ahmed - Venus Class Teacher
  • Mrs Hunter - Smith  - Mercury Class Teacher
  • Mrs Seedat - ETA
  • Miss Jassat - ETA
  • Miss Rawat - SEN ETA

In Year 1, we enjoy working and learning together as one big friendly and enthusiastic family.  In our classroom, we have a safe space where we are all respected and free to express ourselves without judgement . Our children are very supportive of each other and continuously exceed expectations.  We all have a growth mindset, are active learners and are always eager to try new things.

Information for Parents

PE for Year 1 is on Wednesday. Please ensure your child comes into school wearing their PE kit on this day. It is important that your child does not come to school wearing jewellery or earrings on this day as they will not be able to participate.

Reading books for at-least the first term will not be physically sent out. Instead children will be allocated books on Active Learn - Bug Club which we have been using over lockdown. Please ensure you read with your child at home and leave a comment/signature in their reading record. 

We also know how much the children love to use Mathletics so we will be setting work on Mathletics each week for children to complete. Let's see how many bronze, silver and gold certificates we can get this year!

Our class rules and rewards

As well as following our school rules, year 1 have a set of class rules which we expect all children to follow. These include:

  • Always concentrate during lessons.
  • Always listen to adults and other children in the classroom.
  • No shouting out - raise your hand.
  • Keep hands and feet to yourselves.
  • Smile and have fun!

As well as working with the 'good to be green' scheme we thought about how children deserve to be rewarded for their hard work. So although it is 'good to be green' we think 'it's better to be gold'. Similar to Reception, children will begin each week on green and have the opportunity to move up to silver, then gold and receive at prize from the prize box at then end of the week. Alternatively, if children are not doing their best in school and not following the rules they may be moved down to yellow or red.

Upcoming and exciting events

We can't wait to have you back at school with us on the 8th of September!

How parents can help at home

There are many ways you can support your child at home. Here are some suggestions about how you could help:

  • Encourage your child to talk about what they have learnt at school.
  • Link learning to real life experiences - encourage them to write shopping lists, read signs around the environment, count out money etc.
  • Listen to your child reading – Please try to read on a daily basis with your child and ask them questions about what they have read.
  • Encourage your child to practise and learn their spellings – discuss spelling patterns or rules.
  • Talk about your child’s homework – discuss the work and ask your child to explain it to you.

You may find some of these websites useful to support your child:

Our class targets are:

  • To
  • To
  • To

Our Classroom:

Our brand new Year 1 classroom is finally complete and waiting for our children to start on Tuesday 8th of September and continue their learning. Not only do we have our brand new classroom, we have brand new resources to make up our Year 1 continuos provision where children can extend their learning from taught lessons and learn independently through play.


As children are returning in September after missing a lengthy amount of time in Reception, our class time table and curriculum overview may differ slightly in the first term, to accommodate some of the integral learning missed.