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Year 5

Hello to all our fantastic Year 5 children and parents, 

We hope that you are all well and looking after yourselves. In this section you will find online work in the event of a local lockdown, national lockdown, bubble closure or if you are self-isolating . Though you have a timetable, do not feel the need to complete the structure- choose what subject you want to do first. 

Information about learning packs will be relayed on parent hub, where possible we will send packs with siblings. We are updating this website daily and setting extra activities that you may wish to complete. 

Once you have completed the activities, the answers will be uploaded on the website for your parents to mark and provide feedback. 

If you need additional help regarding the activities, please feel free to e-mail us via PurpleMash 2Email or we have created a skype account as well- please log on to the parent app to see the username to use.

A little note to end on, it is important to look after our wellbeing, too. For whatever reason you feel that you need some time away from learning - that is okay! The work will still need to be completed, but you can complete it at a time when you are ready.

Hope this helps.

Please take care and we hope that we get to see you all very soon.

Mrs Chaus, Mrs. Kathrada, Mr. Mayfield and Mrs. Daji