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Year 2

Hi, Year 2 children and parents! 😊

School may be closed for now, but your learning is still going to continue!

We are going to try and include lots of fun activities for you to do whilst you are at home, alongside maths, reading, writing and spellings.

Every morning, at 9am, we would like you to join the body coach, Joe! He will be streaming a live workout for children from Monday to Friday. Not only will this be super fun, but it will also allow you to keep yourself active, healthy and fit!

To access: open Youtube on your TV, laptop or tablet, and go to 'The Body Coach TV' channel. 


Under the subject tabs, you will find daily activities. It is your choice when you complete the tasks and which order you complete them in. The answers to the tasks will be sent via the Parent Hub App. If you find something difficult, do not worry! You can email us on our year 2 email, and we will be there to help you.

We wish you all the best,

Mrs Aswat and Mrs Rayner

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