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Writing is one of the most difficult skills to learn and it needs practise.  

Here, we'll be uploading step-by-step guides to writing  in a number of different styles - for example, non-chronological reports, recounts, narratives and so on. There's also a video of the Powerpoint which can be viewed on the school's Youtube channel.

They're all based around the  Year 4 curriculum and are intended to give the children a chance to apply  the skills that they've learned in grammar, spelling and through their own reading.

When finished, the children should  be able to hand their work in via upload using to 2email, or if you prefer, you can send it to the Year 4 team via our email address which, as you know, is year.four

Of course, this means that the children will have to type, rather than handwrite, their work. We know that this takes longer and that their writing might be a little shorter than usual. On the other hand, it does allow them to revise and edit as they go along, correcting their mistakes in sentence grammar and spelling.We look forward to seeing what they achieve!


Mr Hughes    Miss Gokalia       Mrs Daji