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Well Being at Home

Our daily routines such as going to work, attending school and socialising with friends and relatives have changed a lot over the past few weeks. We have all suddenly been thrown into a world of unknown, a world of fear and a world of anxiety. This may be causing some of us to feel worried or anxious. Children, you have heard a lot about the coronavirus and some strange things are happening that may make you afraid or worried. Please try not to be worried. Lots of brilliant grown-ups are helping sort this tricky problem and we will return to normality soon. Staying away from each other and from our wonderful school will not last forever.

Let other people see how powerful, brave and wonderful you are by talking to adults when you are afraid, bring positivity to your family when they look worried and strengthen your bonds with laughter. This strange time will pass and when it does we will all be reunited and we can share the wonderful activities we completed with one another. In the meantime, be kind, be hopeful, be brave and talk to the people who love you. Remember you are not alone in this time.

You can do a lot to help make your days easier. Having a daily/weekly routine will help to keep some structure for yourself and your families in these uncertain times and will help you to schedule time for work, play and relaxing too.  The NHS have provided advice and tips for mental wellbeing while at home during COVID-19 details of which can be found at

To help take our mind off things and help towards looking after our mental well-being, this page will be updated weekly with activity ideas children and adults to do at home to help maintain positivity. Feel free to adapt the activity ideas to suit you and most importantly have fun! I look forward to seeing you complete these activities- don’t forget to email them or skype them to us.

Please click on the link below to watch a short clip about how you can take care of your well being.  

Activity Easter Break

Although the Prime Minister has asked us to stay at home to stop the spread of Corona Virus, this doesn’t mean we can’t stay in touch with the important people in our lives. How about asking your parents or the adults that look after you if you can call or maybe even video call family members you don’t live with and can’t visit at the moment? You could talk to your grandparents, uncles and aunties, or maybe even a family friend. Keeping in touch with them will make you feel better and I’m sure they would love to hear from you too.

To find out a bit more about Corona Virus and what you can do to stop it spreading, click on the links below. The first link is a cartoon and the second is a comic strip.    

New Book Release

A new digital book has been released this week, explaining the Coronavirus to children. To read online or download a copy please follow the link below.

Helping Children Cope with Stress During the Coronavirus

Dear Parents, please take a look at the poster in the attachment below which has been published by the World Health Organisation. It outlines how adults may be able to help children cope with the stress and anxiety they may be feeling as a result of the Coronavirus. Hope this is helpful to you!

Every Mind Matters

Dear parents, please follow the link below to see practical tips from experts on how you can look after your mental health and wellbeing while you are at home. You will also find a quiz which you can take on the website which will give you tailored tips according to your answers to the quiz questions. I hope you find this helpful.

Mental Health Awareness

Dear Parents, below I have attached a PDF with FREE resources you can access from home to support children’s mental health and well- being. The resources range from Apps to help youngsters manage their emotions and anxieties to website links where a wealth of expert advice can be found to support youngsters and also provide information for parents on issues such as bereavement support, bullying and autism. I hope you find these links useful.