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Week 9



Hi, hope you and your children are all well? I know some of us are still worried about Covid 19 and how it continues to affect our lives. For this reason, I have chosen for children to make a worry jar. This is an activity which will allow them to write their worries out on paper and store them in the jar so they don’t have to keep replaying them in their heads.  

You may want to write their worries for them onto strips of paper or post-it notes or children could even just draw a picture of their worry and put this into the jar instead. When their worry does not bother them anymore or they come to a solution for it, they can take it out of the jar and throw it away.

To make the worry jar you will need:

A clean empty container (this could be a jam jar, yoghurt pot, margarine tub, sandwich box etc)

Paper to write/draw worries onto.

Decorations (coloured tissue, glitter, sequins, paint, whatever you have available at home that you can use to personalise the jar with your child).

The same idea can also be used to make a gratitude jar if they’d like. This time, instead of putting their worries into the jar, children can write down what they are happy or thankful for and put this in the jar instead. This will allow children to focus on the positives they have in their lives as they stop and think about them.

If you don’t have jars or containers which you can use, you can use the printable worry jar sheet I have attached below instead to write worries onto and decorate. You can even write your worries onto the ‘Main worries’ PDF I have attached below too