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Week 8


I hope you are all well, and making the most of your time together at home with your families. This week as part of well-being, I would like to focus on the importance of physical exercise. We all know regular exercise has health benefits for our bodies and minds, which are very important for us all.

When we exercise our, heart pumps faster to get blood to the muscles that are being used, and our brain produces chemicals called endorphins (en-dor-fins) which help to make us feel happier. exercise can also help us to use up energy so we can feel tired and sleep better at night. Regular exercise plus eating a balanced diet will also help you to have a healthy body weight.

What exercises are you going to be doing while at home? You could skip in the garden, play football outside or do some aerobics even.

You could even do P.E with Joe Wicks every morning at 9 am on YouTube. For those of you who are waking up later in the morning, you can see previous exercise routines on Joe’s YouTube channel and use these to do exercise instead of the live videos.