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Week 6


Dear parents, I would like to share with you this fantastic website. It allows you to take virtual tours of a variety of places such as history and science museums, art galleries, aquariums and zoos from across the world. You can even visit the seven wonders of the world right from your living room! Children may need the help of older brothers and sisters or an adult to help them to navigate the tours.

Some of the places that can be ‘visited’ include:

  • The Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam)
  • The Taj Mahal (India)
  • Hagia Sophia (Turkey)
  • The White House (USA)
  • The Louvre (France)

Once children have taken a tour through a gallery or visited a famous land mark, they could draw a picture of it, talk about what they most enjoyed and talk about what they have learnt. They could even take notes while on their visit and make a mini fact file.