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Week 5: 04.05.20 - 07.05.20

This week we are linking our creative and English together and writing a set of instructions. 

Monday and Tuesday

  • Go through powerpoints. The main one we will use is the attached: 'How to be Henry's true love'. 
  • Please complete this on purple mash -I have set it as a 2do.
  • If you are unable to log on to purple mash, please complete on a word document and email over to us. We will mark those sent to us and can give feedback. 
  • Miss Buckley's top tips: try to be funny; use a range of vocabulary (even I used a thesaurus, just make sure the word you are using works in the context you want); though we are writing a sequence and need to write in a chronological order do not overuse sequential language at the start - it gets a little boring, and be inventive with your method and things you need.  When I did my example, I kept laughing to myself :) 
  • Enjoy and I can't wait to read how you will help Henry's new wife to not get divorced or beheaded!

Wednesday and Thursday

  • Please complete and uplevel your work from Monday and Tuesday.  Remember this is on purple mash, you will need to save your work. I cannot access work that has not been saved. 
  • In addition, please use the Tudor font to have a go at writing your name. Can you write it in different media's? This could be in ink, paint, chalk ect. Have a go and be creative. 
  • If you are feeling really adventurous, can you write a sentence in Tudor font?