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Week 4 Roy Lichtenstien


Roy Lichtenstein was born in New York in 1923. He became famous for his bright and bold paintings of comic strip cartoons as well as his paintings of everyday objects. He was one of a group of artists making art in the 1960s who were called pop artists because they made art about 'popular' things such as TV, celebrities, fast food, pop music and cartoons.

Although best known as a painter, he made different types of art including sculpture, murals, prints and ceramics.

Lichtenstein chose colours carefully, to imitate the four colours of printers’ inks. He also used Ben Day dots, a system invented to increase the range of colours available to newspaper printing. Look closely at his work – can you see how the colours are clear from a distance, but look like tiny dots and dashes close-up?

Watch the video below to learn about his work and then download the presentation. This will help you complete the task. There are some extension colouring sheets should you wish to complete them.



Task: Roy Lichtenstein was a comic artist and would use a series of dots to create his art work. Can you draw a self portrait in the style of Roy Lichtenstien. Remember to use a series of dots and bright block colours just as he did.