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Week 3 and 4

Over the next two weeks we will focus on the wives of Henry VII, something for which Henry was very very famous for! He had 6 wives.

Over the next two weeks use the Internet to research his wives and how they died. There are 3 tasks for you to complete: More information located in packs

Task 1: Top Trumps Cards

Task 1: Across the next two weeks use the Internet and the information provided to research the wives of Henry. Use this information to create a set of Top Trumps Cards for each wife. A top Trumps card will include a picture/sketch of the wife alongside key information. You can award points for each bit of information for example if she was protestant like Henry she could be awarded more points. Use the template to help you- you may wish to paint or draw a picture of the wife and use the subheadings provided or your own subheadings to create your card. Use the website links on the school website to research additional information on the wives.

  • Remember we need to make some top trumps of Henry V111 wives to be able to answer the question-who was the best wife
  • Using the information on the sheet and your exercise book or card/paper make a set of six cards.
  • Work out the age at death-the higher the better.
  • What her religion was. Award 50 for a Protestant and 20 for a Catholic
  • Type of death. Award 0 points for beheaded, 10 points for divorced, 40 points for survived and 75 points for dying in childbirth
  • Children.  Award 0 points for no children, 50 points for a daughter and 100 points for a son

Task 2: Pencil sketch

Can you use a pencil to complete the portrait sketch of Anne of Cleves. Remember to shade, blend and add detail. Please send in your completed work to us on Skype. We look forward to seeing the work you produce.

Task 3: Tudor rose

Using any medium you have at home can you make a Tudor Rose. You may wish to paint, colour, collage, use nature to make your own Rose.  Look at examples in the presentation.

Some useful sites for you to visit: