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Week 3 - Persuasive Writing

This week, you will be writing persuasive texts. This is when you try to convince your reader about something. It could be persuading them to buy something or persuading them to that what you are saying is true!

I have attached a range of resources to this page, to help you. The resources include:

- A PowerPoint that explains how to what a persuasive text and how to write a persuasive text. This includes examples of persuasive writing and will help you with how to write your own. It outlines the features you need to include in your persuasive writing.

- A word mat that includes vocabulary that you can use in your persuasive text. This includes sentence starters, rhetorical questions and word choices.

- A persuasive text checklist, which acts as your success criteria to writing a persuasive text.

This week's tasks:

Monday: Persuasive text on recycling

Wednesday: Create an advert to sell a toy