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Week 3 - Number - Addition

Hello everyone, this week we are exploring number - specifically addition. We will be using the language 'altogether' when adding objects and recapping matching quantity to number.

In your pack you will have received the Minibeast trace, count and add sheet and the Minibeast addition sheet.

Minibeast trace, count and add sheet  - In my video I will model counting 2 sets of objects, matching them to a number and then adding them altogether to find the total. I will then complete this sheet using the language and skills I have just modelled. 

Minibeast addition sheet -  I will model this sheet in my  2nd video, encouraging the children to write the numbers that match the quantity underneath - creating a number sentence. We will then find the total by counting altogether.

I have also added an addition PowerPoint with several addition number sentences for the children to complete.

NOTE: The cut and order minibeast sheet is an extra activity to help the children recap sequencing.