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Week 3


Hi children, this week I have set a creative activity for you to complete. Arts and crafts activities can help us to focus and relax by taking our mind off something that might be bothering us or if we need to calm down. It also helps us to express ourselves because we could draw how we are feeling if we find it hard to tell someone about our feelings. To find out more about how art can be good for your wellbeing, you can watch this video.




As many of you will be celebrating Ramadhan at the moment, I have attached some colouring sheets and a worksheet with instructions on how to make a paper lantern too.  You can choose to do whichever you choose or if you’d like you can do them both! If you would like to do your own creative activity based on the topic of Ramadhan, that’s ok too. If you don’t celebrate Ramadhan you can still do the activities and save them to give to a friend or neighbour when we are allowed to see them again.

You can make your artwork or craftwork as creative as you want by adding things like sequins, ribbon, coloured tissue paper etc to it too. Remember to ask an adult permission before using these though. To learn how to draw a mosque, watch this video.