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Week 3: 20.04.20 - 24.04.20

Good morning everyone. 

For this week we are looking at persuasive writing. Look below for what is directed, in addition, attached is the full plan for the whole week. 

Monday and Tuesday- 

  • Please use the power points to go through what is persuasive writing and what techniques we may use. We briefly looked at this earlier on in the year- we walked through A FOREST! 
  • There are some examples attached of other examples, not linking to the first activity set. Read through one example of text and break down what SPaG features have been used- is there a colon, parenthesis, modal verbs to suggest certainty? As well, look at what words have been used- could they have used a more relevant synonym? Use a dictionary to find out any unfamiliar words. The final question I want you to ask yourself: does it persuade you? 
  • Next, log onto purple mash and complete 2Do: English Activity 1. Can you persuade me to lead a healthy active lifestyle?  I have attached below: prompt words and an example for why you should participate in PE/ lead a healthy active lifestyle (you know what I'm like, I got a little passionate- could have written pages and pages for you) :)
  • By the end of the day, I would like some writing on your template. 
  • On Tuesday, you can use the teacher's comment to up level your work and finish your writing task. When we mark it on purple mash, we can add trophies for your hard work, imagination or achievement. 
  • Really go for it!!

If you need any help at all, or want to run your ideas past any teacher, give us an instant message on skype and we can go through it together. 


Wednesday and Thursday

  • We are still looking at persuasive writing, over the next two days we would like you to look at holiday brochures or attraction leaflets. How can you persuade us to go to your chosen place.
  • Use the attached leaflet examples to show you some language (and specifically the exaggeration) you may want to use. 
  • Again, this activity is set on purple mash but if you are struggling to access it, please complete on a piece of paper and send it over to us via skype or email for us to mark it and give some feedback. 


  • Last write for the week,  please log onto and look at today's date (24th April). It is a picture of a visitor. 
  • You need to pretend that you are the visitor and need to persuade the humans to let you stay on Earth. 
  • Use everything that we have looked at this week, to write the best speech possible. 
  • Once you have finished, write your speech into a purple mash email; write it in your book and send a picture or on a word document and email us.