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Week 2 - Shape, Space & Measure - Volume

Hello everyone, this week we are exploring shape, space and measure - specifically capacity and volume. We will be learning to use the language:

  • Full
  • Half-full
  • Empty

We will also touch on the vocabulary below (these are concepts taught in Reception):

  • Half empty
  • Nearly full/nearly empty

Volume bucket sheet  - In your pack you will have received the volume sheet with three buckets. In EYFS this activity is often referred to as capacity and not volume, however, the 2 are closely linked. The way I describe the difference is this:

  • Volume - is the amount of space taken up by an object, then we can describe it using the vocabulary.
  • Capacity - How much a container can hold, then we can measure it.

I will be playing with water and exploring the language, then we will complete the sheet using what we have learnt.

NOTE: If you have access to a printer I have also attached an extra sheet below, this not mandatory.