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Week 2 - 2D shapes

Hello everyone, this week you can support your children to name and recognise the properties of  2D shapes.

The most common shapes we teach in nursery are:

  • circle
  • triangle
  • square
  • rectangle

However we also discuss:

  • oval
  • semi- circle
  • star
  • heart
  • diamond

When we talk about the properties of 2D shapes we mean: the number of sides and the shape of the sides.

  • Number of sides - when we teach the children we point to each side whilst counting them, making it clear not to count a side more than once.
  • Shape of the sides - a side is either curved or straight. 

In nursery the children need to be able to name the shapes, notice them in their environment and use shapes when drawing/making pictures. e.g  a house - a square for the house, a triangle for the roof and a rectangle for the door. A car - a rectangle for the body and circles for the wheels.

Below you will find some ideas,  links and activities for you to complete with your child on 2D shape.

  • In the house you could go on a shape hunt. What shapes are the every day objects?
  • Draw a picture using shapes. 

Please find some YouTube links below.

2D shape songs - Miss McAleavey

Shapes song for kids | The Singing Walrus

Shapes Song 2 - YouTube