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Week 2

When we are feeling worried or anxious about something or we just need to relax because we’ve had a busy day, talking to someone can make you feel a lot better. First of all, if we are worried the trusted person we talk to might be able to help us come to a solution and we might realise that our worry isn’t as big as we thought it was in our heads.

Sometimes, when we feel thing are getting too much for us we just don’t know how to cope with our feeling and emotions and this can make us stressed or angry or behave in other negative ways like shouting or getting frustrated.

To find out more about mental health, watch this video.




To manage your feelings better, you could try taking some deep breaths until you feel yourself calm down, more positive and in control. This is because the deep breathing helps our heart rate to slow down, which helps to make us feel more relaxed. To try a breathing exercise, take a look at this.




Other ways of relaxing that are helpful include:

  • Taking a bath (how about adding some bubble bath to it).
  • Having a warm glass of milk or some hot chocolate (it feels like someone is hugging you from the inside)
  • Closing your eyes and imagining a place you feel happy and calm in (this could be a real place or one that you have made up). You could even draw a picture of this place and keep it somewhere you can look at to make you feel more positive.

For more relaxation techniques, please have a look at the attachment below which has been published by the charity Save the Children.