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Week 11

Hi, hope you are all well! As many of us are finally going outdoors more now, I am going to set you the task of drawing something interesting from your local environment. Really focus on what you see and hear around you. Use colour pencils, felt tips, paints etc to draw what you have seen. You can make your art work as creative as you like. Don’t forget to send in pictures of your work to us!

Here are some ideas of what you can use to create your art:

  • Draw or paint something interesting you have seen while you have been outdoors.
  • Make a collage by adding coloured bits of paper to your art work.
  • Use long and short pencil strokes to sketch your chosen object.

These are some ideas of what you could draw, you can choose something of your own too:

  • Your street
  • People walking up the road
  • Parked cars
  • Trees
  • The sun shining
  • Birds in the sky
  • Clouds
  • Flowers from your garden

If you would rather draw something based on the indoors that’s also ok. For example, a scene of spending time at home with your family or your favourite relaxing activities to do at home.