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Week 11

Hi, I hope you are well? As lockdown rules are being relaxed and many of us are out and about more, it would be nice for children to create a drawing based on what they see outdoors. As we all spend more time outdoors again we can notice the change in seasons with trees coming into bloom, birds tweeting, and the chiming of ice cream vans. Children can use whatever art supplies they have such as colouring pencils, felt tips and/or crayons to draw something that reminds them of summer and being outdoors. Some ideas are:

  • Trees
  • Birds sitting on garden walls
  • The sun shining onto buildings
  • Flowers growing in the garden.
  • The beach.
  • The scene from a past holiday.

If children would prefer to make something based on the theme of outdoors and summer, that’s also fine. Please see the examples below: