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Week 1 - Number - Counting

Hello everyone, this week we are exploring number - specifically counting , making marks and forming numbers. We will be continuing to use the language we looked at last time to compare: less, fewer, larger, bigger and smaller. We will also be looking at matching quantity to number and different ways to represent numbers.

In your pack you will have received the transport counting sheet and the car tally sheet.

Transport sheet  - I would like the children to count independently using  1 to1 correspondence (you can help if they get stuck) and then tell you 'how many'. 1 to 1 counting is pointing at each object as they count and remembering how many there were. After they have counted, I would like the children to write the number in the circle that matches the quantity. Please encourage the children to form the numbers correctly.




Car tally sheet  (I will be doing a video for this) - we will NOT be teaching the children to tally - it is way above nursery level. What we will be doing is using the sheet to make marks and then count the marks we make.  I would like the children to go out on a walk and put a line for every colour car they see. When they return home, they can count their marks and write the matching number.  This demonstrates to the children that they can use marks to represent number. 



Please still continue to explore counting with the ideas below:

  • using their fingers to show numbers.
  • drawing pictures or marks and counting them,
  • counting their toys and making their own number line (using post its/pieces of paper,  if you don't have number cards).
  • making a train ticket with numbers for prices.
  • making price tags for their shop using numbers.