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Week 1 - Newspaper Report

Monday - Hero Saves The Day

Read through the PowerPoint attached at the bottom of this page to learn how to write a newspaper report. After that, log onto Purple Mash and you will see that you have been assigned a task to write a local newspaper report about a superhero rescue. 

Use your imagination to plan and write about a superhero of your own choice and how they save the day. 

Don't forget to look at the checklist that has also been added to this page - it includes all the things you need to write a super newspaper report!

Wednesday - The Empty School

Today, you have a new newspaper report to write, on Purple Mash, about why a school has been found empty? Where have all the pupils and teachers gone? Watch the short video that opens up when you click on the writing task and use your imagination to think of your own story about what could have happened. Remember to write as a newspaper report though and NOT a story!

Look at the PowerPoint presentation and success criteria again to remind you how to write a newspaper report. Reflect on the feedback that I have given you from Monday's writing task to help you write your new newspaper report.