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Week 1

How much fruit and veg are you eating while you are at home? Are you eating a balanced diet? Remember, a balanced diet means eating all the different types of food in the right amounts to stay healthy. The biggest portion of a balanced diet is made up of fruit and vegetable and the smallest portion is for fat (butter, oil, margarine, ghee) and sugary food like cakes and desserts. We know that eating a balanced diet means we can get the correct amount amounts of vitamins and minerals we need from the different food groups.

Eating healthily can also help us feel happier, this is very important right now, because some of us might be feeling worried, but by eating healthily, your body will get the vitamins and minerals it need to work properly and you will feel good in your head, knowing you have made good food choices. Win, win.

 Do the healthy eating quiz and learn some great facts along the way.

Eating fruit and vegetables can be fun, for some ideas about making delicious smoothies click on the link below.

To see some more information about healthy eating, click on the link below.

How else are you going to include healthy food into your day? Let us know your ideas!