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Wednesday 25th March/ Thursday 26th March

Day 3 and 4 : Equivalent Length m & cm

This lesson you will be able to recognise that 100 cm is equivalent to 1 metre. You will  use this knowledge to convert other multiples of 100 cm into metres and vice versa. When looking at lengths that are not multiples of 100, you can partition the measurement and convert into metres and centimetres. 

Key Questions: 

- If there are 100 cm in 1 metre, how many centimetres are in 2 metres?

-Do we need to partition 235 cm into hundreds, tens and ones to convert it to metres? Is it more efficient to partition it into two parts? What would the two parts be?

-If 100 cm is equal to one whole metre, what fraction of a metre would 50 cm be equivalent to? Can you show me this in a bar model?

Once you have completed the worksheet, have a go at the following quiz: