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Wednesday 20th May

Eid Activities

Reading: Read the Ramadan information extract and complete the comprehension questions. I have uploaded the document as a PDF, please write the answers in your workbook . Answers will be available on Parent Hub.

Writing: The children have been revisiting diary writing over the last week. The task this week is simply to write a diary for each day, in the week leading up to Eid. Each day's entry need not be long , but it should be correctly set out and contain the features of a diary. 

Maths: Complete the 6 Maths questions which will refresh your mind on addition and subtraction. Again, I have uploaded the questions on to a word document so you may type the answers if you prefer to do so. Answers will be available on Parent Hub.

DT: I Know many of you must have started making sweet treats for Eid; biscuits, cakes and pastries just in time for the Eid celebration. I have attached an Eid biscuits recipe below. I would love to see what you create. You may want to use your own recipe which is absolutely fine but, be sure to send your teachers some pictures!