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Tuesday 9th June

Lesson 7: Tuesday 9th June

Learning Focus: Calculating angles around a point (fluency)

Remember :

  • A quarter turn is 90 degrees
  • A half turn is 180 degrees
  • A full turn is 360 degrees 
  • Angles in a square total 360 degrees
  • Each angle in a square is a right angle (90 degrees)
  • Angles on a point total 360 degrees
  • Angles on a line total 180 degrees
  1.  Click on the video below. Please take a look at this video which talks about calculating angles around a point and also goes through some examples.  You may skip this step and move directly on to the Powerpoint.            



    Work through the PowerPoint attached below. 

  2.  Complete the activities for Lesson 7. Answers will be provided shortly via Parent Hub App