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Tuesday 30th June

Lesson Focus: Nouns 

A noun is a naming word. It is a thing, a person, an animal or a place.

proper noun is the name of a person or place, such as Susan or America. Proper nouns start with a capital letter.

common noun describes a class of objects and does not have a capital letter, for example: car, animal or planet.

concrete noun is a person, place or object you can physically touch, such as: Dad, London or a table. Concrete nouns include proper nouns and common nouns.

An abstract noun is a thing that cannot be touched or seen, such as education, love or success.

Watch the video below, then download the presentation and complete the first 2 worksheets in your pack, the date is written at the top of the worksheet.



Answers for the lesson are located at the bottom of the sheet (upside down).