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Tuesday 21st April

Learning Focus: Fractions as decimals (Lesson 2 in your pack)

Remember to visit the youtube channel should you need further explanations.

We can write all fractions as decimals- it may sound tricky but is very simple. When given a decimal the first thing we must do is identify the number of decimal places this will determine our denominator. For example if I was given 0.62, it has 2 decimal places and so it out of hundredth  therefore the fraction will be out of 100, 62/100. 

Let us look at another example, if I have 0.83, I have 2 decimal places so my fraction will be out of 100 again, this time 83/100.

If I was given 0.5 I notice there is only one decimal place so my fraction is a 'tenth' and out of 10, 5/10. Using my knowledge of simplifying I can simplify this to 1/2.

There are some common decimal/fraction conversions which you should remember :

Watch the video below and then download the slideshow. The slideshow has some worked examples with a clear explanation of how the answer was reached. This should help you complete the activities in you pack. Remember to skype if you have any problems. The answers will be uploaded on parent hub