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Thursday 30th April

Learning Focus: Equivalent percentages, fractions and decimals (Lesson 9) (Miss Buckley)

Today we will move onto Equivalent percentages, fractions and decimals. The important thing to remember is 'per cent' means out of 100 and therefore any percentage can easily be turned into a fraction by simply placing it over 100 (we still may need to simplify though!) For example 50% would be 50/100 and this simplified would be 1/2.

We can also use this information to turn fractions into percentages my multiplying the top and bottom number of the fraction to ensure that the bottom number is over 100. For example 7/10 if we multiply both numbers by 10 we get 70/100 and so the percentage would be 70%. This would also make it easier to turn into a decimal 0.7!

Watch the WRM video below to complete Activity 1



Below is a  poster to help you complete the work. 

Before downloading the presentation watch this second video: (you may wish to pause and complete the question on scrap paper)



Use the information below along with the presentation to help you complete the questions in your pack.