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The Battle of the Atlantic

Western Approaches Museum will be streaming a live Facebook history lesson on life in Wartime Liverpool.

The lesson will include a tour around Western Approaches Secret WW2 HQ in Liverpool city centre.Wednesday 25th March 1pm - 2pm. The lesson will also discuss the Battle of The Atlantic, the role of Liverpool during the war, rationing, air raids and more.All free of charge and any child who completes the lesson will get a free pass to Western Approaches worth £8 when we eventually re-open.We will also be adding more lessons to You Tube to keep history as a topic for children to learn whilst they are off school. Their lessons will be hosted by a fully qualified teacher

The link to watch the session live is below. If you cannot watch it live, we will provide a link to the Youtube video as soon as possible.[0]=68.ARCJvQi83U7DUtno1aTzQLMXNWKYr_mIHFDTzcqHkj3uxtASdtLwUq08nOxZBlJkzv30_bNLvJldXNCxyGJ7R_XGA8L1UeBNuZcYGm4jJniEmbJLPgGcYOiFkJ5i2bbYQuxAengs0Yn4NLHrtQ9sAlGtQvPnGUR69wRHNw1qGqetZ_4zZoNlaoJbAm3rh3WDritbFQuweWQ4_UG6XCBwpdK9f4StFkhDSoo73n3j1OcF0h0awTbdoR0lgRGrWe8dwUVoDJtykoOQBbeeEBPM5nyMN-3FPc_lK8OOhER6jmtYhjmb-vy8b7Os4d1qoNQVba3mg06GyWKUeP85iHqPE_A&__tn__=kC-R