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Summer 1 - Dinosaur project tasks

Please see the link below for some of the activities you can complete for our dinosaur topic. 

Dinosaur Planet

This half term, our creative curriculum topic is ‘Dinosaur Planet.’

Below are some topic ideas for you to complete with your child. Please note: you do not have to complete all the activities Choose the ones your child is most interested in.


Research one (or both ) of these thinking questions:

  • Did all dinosaurs eat the same things?
  • Were all dinosaurs equally dangerous?
  • Who was Mary Anning and why is she famous?


Find a way of presenting your findings. Maybe a poster, leaflet or a non-chronological report?

Paint, draw or make a model of your favourite dinosaur.


Can you add some key facts about your dinosaur to your drawing, such as name, features, where they lived.

Search the web for examples of dinosaurs and make your own fact file about them. You can include photos/drawings, key facts, what they ate etc.


We have also attached some other dinosaur activity sheets in the booklet we sent home. Some of them are to provide you with facts, others are fun activities you may wish to do. We look forward to seeing your fantastic work!

Year 1 Team