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Summer 1

Good morning everyone,

We are assigning books through serial mash - this is an app which is on purple mash. Please log in to purple mash and daily to complete your targeted reading and questions (these have been set as 2dos). These books are assigned to you from what band you are reading at in school. Please complete the chapters in order, they are being set all at once to allow you the time to catch up if you miss a day. 

There will also be extra questions that are being set a 2quiz, that focus on other domains as well. These are created to test your understanding of the chapters that you have read so far. 

If you have any questions regarding reading, please get in contact with us and we are more than happy to help. 

Thank you. 

Attached are some extra reading activities that your child may wish to do- these are not compulsory but just extras. Keep coming back regularly to see new reading sheets or reading activities.