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Sum A - Week 3 - If I built a house

NOTE: Please complete the topic activity (designing) before writing your list of materials, it will make writing the list easier.

As our topic is all about houses and buildings, nursery's literacy activities will also be around the same theme. Over the last few weeks we have explored the shapes of houses, different types of buildings and materials; now we are going to use all that information to build our own house - which is our TOPIC activity. 

This week we are reading the fiction book 'If I built a house'. In this book we explore using the imagination to create our dream house. Our activity this week ties in with our topic activity; where you will be designing your dream house just like Jack. In literacy, I  would like you to write a list of resources you will need when building your house. 

I will be uploading YouTube videos to support you in completing them. Happy learning!