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Sum A - Week 3 & 4 - Number

NOTE: We will be continuing to explore number in week 4, specifically sequencing numbers and applying skills in context. Everything you need is outlined on the Week 4  PowerPoint. My Youtube video will explore quantity and sequencing numbers, for this you will need numbers to 10 and some objects to 10. All resources to support you are attached below (week 4).







Hello everyone, this week we are exploring number. In your pack you will have received the 'All about numbers' booklet. Each page looks at a number from 0 to 10. It covers forming the numerals/numbers correctly and looking at making the number in range of ways - which is what we will be focussing on.  I have added some resources below such as some powerpoints, videos and activities to try.

We will be continuing to use the language we looked at last time to compare: less, fewer, larger, bigger and smaller. We will also be looking at matching quantity to number and different ways to represent numbers.

Below are some ideas to explore this at home:

  • using their fingers to show numbers.
  • drawing pictures or marks and counting them,
  • counting their toys and making their own number line (using post its/pieces of paper,  if you don't have number cards).
  • making a train ticket with numbers for prices.
  • making price tags for their shop using numbers.

We will be explaining to the children that anything can be counted, including tings they can't touch and move (abstract counting). Here is a video about abstract counting for adults.  A video that explores the idea of abstract counting

You could encourage the children to do this by: 

  • counting your claps.
  • giving them a number of claps to do themselves.
  • counting your steps.
  • counting jumps.
  • playing a musical instrument and counting the bangs/taps/blows. 
  • discussing members of their family, then they can draw them.