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Sum A - Week 1 - Language of size

NOTE: In nursery, it is more about the children using the language rather than completing paper based activities; however, the building activity will help you to introduce the language. You will be receiving the printed building activity in your pack this week. I have uploaded several YouTube videos and online activities as well.

Hello everyone, this week you can support your children to explore and use the language of size. When playing with your children they will use the word 'big' quite often; during these interactions we will model/introduce a range of language for the children to use when discussing size. We then encourage the children to use the language in different ways, like comparing. The words we use most often are:

  • big, bigger, biggest
  • small, smaller, smallest
  • tall, taller, tallest
  • short, shorter, shortest

We also use other words to describe size such as: 

  • Large, larger
  • huge 
  • tiny

These words below can come up, but less often.

  • wide, wider, widest
  • narrow, narrower, narrowest

This can be done with any objects in your home, especially when the children are playing. 

For example, you could ask/comment: 

  • "I love how you have put your toys in order from smallest to biggest, well done."
  • "Wow! I love the towers you have built. Which one is the tallest?"
  • "I wonder which teddy bear is the shortest?"

Please find some YouTube links below.



















Below are some links to interactive games. 

Topmarks game - choose the right size for the bears.

Cricketweb game - compare and order (12th game down - mouse, elephant and lion picture)