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Science Summer 2

Topic: Human Nutrition

Please find the weekly Powerpoints attached below. 

Week 1: The Digestive System

Task: Create a model of the digestive system and explain the function of each part. See powerpoint attached below. Read through the 'help sheet' to add more detail to your explanation.

Week 2: Types of teeth

Task: Create a leaflet or poster explaining the function of different types of teeth. Make sure you explain the role of teeth in the digestive system and use the Powerpoint below to help you.

Week 3: Tooth Decay

Task: Complete the egg shells experiment. Write a paragraph explaining what you did, and why the egg shell started to dissolve.

Week 4: Types of teeth part 2

Task: Create an information leaflet about the different types of teeth. Explain how you can care for your teeth and the importance of keeping your teeth clean and healthy.

Week 5: Introduction to food chains

Task: children should work through the Powerpoint to make themselves familiar with the different parts of a food chain. Children are not required to hand in work for this week. This week's content will help children construct their own food chains in Week 6.

Week 6: Food chains

Task: Work through the Powerpoint and complete the challenge at the end. Once you have completed the tasks, take  a picture of your work and send it to your teacher.

Week 7: Who wants to be a millionaire: Digestive system?

Task: Play the interactive quiz and test your knowledge on out human nutrition unit.