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Your reading activity for each day, until the Easter holidays, is to complete one reading comprehension.  

Day 1: Lucky Lottery Winners

Day 2: Ibn Battuta

Day 3: Fire Drills 

Day 4: Fidget Spinners

Day 5: The FA Challenge - The Cup Final

Day 6: The Islamic Celebration: Eid al-Fitr

Day 7: Earthquakes 

Day 8: Ruby Bridges

Day 9: Armed Forces Day

Day 10: A Hung Parliament 

Answers will be uploaded at lunchtime to give you a chance to answer.  Enjoy!

Remember: read all the information; use a highlighter if it helps you; be succinct (do not write a full paragraph for a 1 mark answer) and use the text to provide evidence- when appropriate. 

Extra Reading Activities:

Something different: David Walliams will be reading different books at 11am every day. If you would like to sit and listen to him. 

Click on the link to listen to a wide range of audiobooks.