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On a Monday and Tuesday, your child will need to complete tasks from their 'reading' booklet.  Answers to the reading questions will be uploaded to ParentHub at the end of the day on Tuesday.

On a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, please log into Active Learn and read the books assigned.   Once your child has read all the books from their book band, they will be assigned further books - if they have completed the comprehension questions to a good standard.  If your child has read the books and has either not answered the questions, or have answered many incorrectly, they may be asked to repeat the text.

Your child will also be assigned reading on Purple Mash with 2/3 comprehension activities a week.

If your child would like further texts to read, there are two further websites that are free at the moment:  Oxford Owl ( and Audible Amazon (

To access the books on the Oxford Owl website, you will need to use the following log in details:

Username: warwickroadschool
Password:  password

In addition to their banded books, your child will have been assigned 'The Whole Truth' text.  They will need to read this text to complete the first two weeks in their writing booklet.