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NOTE: This half term's activities will be uploaded to the SUMMER B tab on the left.

On this page you will find phonics activities for you to complete with your child. Please click on the tabs to the left to find to work and interactive links. 

By the end of nursery, the children should have covered all aspects and be confident in Phase 1.  They may also be beginning phase 2.  All children are individual and as such learn at different paces. The majority of the children in Warwick road nursery are accessing phase 1 phonics, therefore, please use the resources under the phase 1 tab before accessing phase 2. 

UPDATE: During the Summer term in YN, the children will be continuing to work through Phase 1 looking at alliteration (which are in your printed packs), voice sounds, blending and segmenting. However, I will also be uploading some Phase 2 resources each week to continue to expose the children to letter shapes and to provide parents with some more resources.  To access these resources, please click on the tabs at the side of the page.

If you have any questions about which activities your child should be accessing please email me on