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We have timetabled in PE every single day. You can complete this whenever you want to, and of course, you can do as much PE as you want! Below are some suggestions:

PE WITH JOE: At 9am Monday-Friday, Joe Wicks will be doing a live 30 min fitness video. Click on the link and click on the live video - you will be doing the workout alongside him (I know that I will be). If you don't get time at 9 am to do the session you can click on any other of his workouts that interests you. WARNING: YOU WILL BE SWEATING! 

JUST DANCE: Children enjoy these videos on a daily basis. Choose your favourite moves and off you go.

COSMIC YOGA: Some great videos that focus on balance,co-ordination and flexibility. Children can relax and unwind following simple (and some harder) balances.

  • Create your own relay race. 
  • Go to the park (if allowed or supervised by someone older): play on the slides, play on the swings or go for a kick about. 
  • Go for a walk and get some fresh air.
  • Create your own game (if you do bring it in, when we come back and you can get a tick off your leadership award) and play it.