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NHS Competition

Task: Saying thank you to the NHS

Pupils are tasked with saying “thank you to the NHS” after their learning in the core resources about the job roles and opportunities available. Please have a look through all the activities and PowerPoints before starting the task. There are 3 parts. The resources can be found by selecting the tabs on the left. Once you have completed the task, please send it to your teacher to submit on behalf of yourself. 

The Brief:

Students should be encouraged to reflect on which job or team they want to say thank you to and create the thank you.

Challenge pupils to:

  • Think about the wide range of jobs they have learnt about
  • Surprising facts they have collected
  • Think about how the NHS has helped them, one of their friends or family

Competition rules:

Children will need to produce: Creative artwork: painting, drawing, temporary street artwork, performance, video or slideshow OR
Creative writing: a story, song, poem or thank you card

Entries must be submitted online.

Pupils can enter individually or as a pair


Entries must be received no later than 19 June 2020. The original deadline has been extended to allow more schools to say thanks to NHS staff across the country while offering schools a project for their students to work on in school or at home.


Overall national winning student(s) will receive Amazon vouchers worth £50. Overall national winner(s) school will be offered a class trip to a local science venue but alternatives can be discussed with the winning school if it is deemed inappropriate.

Ten regional winners will each receive an Amazon voucher worth £25

Highly commended certificates will also be awarded

Whether they enter individually or as a pair, each pupil will receive a prize if their entry is chosen

Judging Criteria

50% evidence of learning:

  • Are the pupils aware of a range of NHS careers and services?
  • Have the pupils explored the challenging of stereotypes?

50% Creativity:

  • Is the design creative and eye-catching?
  • Anything that demonstrates that they have gone the extra mile with their work

Full terms and conditions can be viewed online at:,6ZOD,1WDUN0,QSMP,1