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Living Streets WOW Tracker

As part of the Modeshift Stars Award, we will be using the WOW travel tracker to record pupil journeys to school daily.  Each class is provided with an engaging dashboard to see which classes are leading the way in active travel.

The WOW Travel Tracker confirms which pupils have walked enough to earn a badge each month. This term starts with two badges carried forward from last year due to the first lockdown – the Colosseum for September 2021 and Petronas Towers in October 2021. From November 2021, a brand new theme kicks in – Walk for the World. This theme will focus on the sustainability benefits of walking, highlighting how local actions can have positive global impacts.

On average, WOW schools see a 30% REDUCTION IN CAR JOURNEYS taken to the school gate and a 23% INCREASE IN WALKING RATES.