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Last 3 weeks

Hi everyone,

As some children are now back at school, we have stopped learning packs. I shall update this page as often as possible with websites and attachments for you to have a go at. Please message me on skype or email if you have any suggestions or websites that you have found that you think other children will enjoy. 

Thank you,

Miss Buckley :)






  • Please read as much as possible while at home. 
  • Serial Mash have plenty of online books for you to dive in.


  • Choose an area that we have covered in history or geography, if you don't want to choose a topic/era/country and complete a historical or geography inquiry (a research based project). 
  • Some examples: How does the tourism industry benefit (country)? Could the Fire of London be controlled sooner? How has the role of women changed since WW1? Is is sustainable to build houses on stilts in countries prone to flooding? 
  • If you are struggling to think about a specific question, you could create a powerpoint about the whole topic. 


  • Creative also includes art and DT. Let your artistic juices flow and try to create a range of art pieces in different mediums.